So you want to help out? Great! There is some stuff you should know.

Reporting bugs and testing

In order to make Merkaartor better, we need your feedback: that includes reporting bugs and requesting features. You can create an issue on our github project, or just write us an email (see contacts). We will do our best to fix and add stuff!

The code

The codes lives on our github project. All the upstream code is there, including all bug tracking. If you want to start coding a new feature, you could either:

  • fork the repository, modify your fork, and issue an pull request (the preferred way)
  • or if you don’t want the hassle with github, just send us a patch (see contacts).

If you have an idea, great. If you’d like some, check out our issue tracker. Especially there are issues tagged as Newbie friendly and Hacker friendly, which I think could be good candidates to get you started if you are a newbie (and that is not meant badly) or an experienced hacker.


Some localization work is already done, but probably outdated. If you want to see Merkaartor in your language, you can contribute to the translations via transifex transifex.

The translations are not THAT easy. It’s necessary to check the context to see what’s being translated, as for example “Undo” once means “undo one action”, and once “the list of actions that can be undone”.

Before you start, take a look at the localization site

The other stuff

As you can see, there is still a lot of stuff to do. If you’d like to help our, drop us an email to our mailing list. In particular, we could use some help in these matters:

  • The web content: We’ve started from scratch in 2015, as the old web was extremely outdated. Especially the documentation could use some writing, and other texts probably need some proofreading (as I’m not a native speaker).