Merkaartor 0.19.0 released

A new version of Merkaartor has been released, the 0.19.0. You can download it in the Download section or on Github Github release 0.19.0.

Short changelog:

  • Fixed: Various GDAL import issues on all platforms.
  • Fixed: Undo for join ways interaction (PR #239).
  • Fixed: Disabled virtual node selection to avoid crash when applying interactions to virtual nodes. (PR #254, original issue described in PR #240).
  • Fixed: Undo for build bridge tool.
  • Projection engine no longer enables coordinate wrapping by default.
  • Projection no longer guesses some EPSG projections only based on string contained, but rather requires it being an exact match.
  • Added support for newer Proj.4 versions.
  • Improved logging output.
  • Added support for gpsd 3.20 and newer
  • Automated translation handling not to include less than 50% translated languages (PR #250).