Merkaartor 0.18.2 released

After a long sleep, the 0.18.2 version of Merkaartor is released. It’s mostly bug-fixing release, with some internal improvements to the infrastructure. You can download it in the Download section.

Some of the big changes are:

  • Support for Qt5
  • Documented Windows build framework.
  • Fixed a LOT of crashes (not all of them, but we’re working on it)
  • Code cleanup and refactoring (thanks to Michal Pokorný!)
  • A lot more minor fixes and improvements, you can read all of them in the git commit history.

What’s planned for the next release?

  • Fix all of the crashes that are reported.
  • Revive OSX builds.
  • Remove or fix some unused/broken code (esp. Spatialite, GDAL, mobilemerk)

Stay tuned!